Dr. med. Claudia Banafsche
And Colleagues

Dear patient!

Welcome to my gynecological practice in the west of Munich, in Neuaubing. My colleagues and I see ourselves as competent contact persons for women of all ages, are passionate about our profession and know our way around very well. Let us convince you of our wide range of services and appreciate the advantage of exceptionally long office hours and only a few closing days per year.

Are you new to Munich or would you simply like to arrange a doctor’s appointment close to where you live? We are looking forward to your visit!

After three years of daily work with a face mask “the covers are now falling” – and you and we are no longer obliged to wear a mask. Please continue to deal responsibly with the topic of “infections”. We are happy if as few companions as possible stay with us…

We trust in your understanding.

Dr. Claudia Banafsche

Frauenarzt München

Bewertung wird geladen...

Health is important
the rest will come in time

Health is important
the rest will come in time

Your gynecologist in Munich

We are competent counselors in matters of contraception and we will cheer you along when the desire to have children slowly matures. We accompany you and your family competently and empathically during your pregnancies and go with you through the hormonal ups and downs of menopause. During and afterwards, we will advise you on hormonal issues and help you with bleeding disorders and a weak pelvic floor. You can talk to us about partnership problems and we look forward to your grandchildren with you. And of course we are always there for you if you have felt a lump in your breast or if our preventive medical check-ups unfortunately give you a bad result. Visit us in our gynecological practice in Munich.

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